Schooling and Training Riding and Driving Horses

Over the years we have worked hard to create a relaxed environment whilst maintaining high professional standards of horse management & tuition of which we are justly proud.   As a general principle we assure you that your horse will be kept to the same standard as our own horses.

When you visit you will see that our own horses are confident, have excellent manners & are well schooled.  We professionally long-rein, back, put to harness & school horses.  

We can offer assistance with advice & guidance with regard to such as purchase & schooling or with general management, handling or riding/driving queries.  

Long reining lessons are also available to help you bring on and school your own horse at home.   We accept horses for schooling: as well as putting to/backing of young horses and including early ground training of yearling colts and fillies.   We also undertake remedial training of spoilt horses.  

The duration of a horse's stay, cost etc is agreed on an individual basis according to specific needs.    

We work with from shetlands to shires and won''t hurry or rush when we train horses.  We believe that they are better for taking time to settle and adapt and so we extensively handle and long rein to familiarise a horse for backing and/or saddling.

We welcome owners visits to see the horse in training and strongly encourage lessons to bring both together once the horse has been schooled.

The horse shown is our own Thoroughbred x Connemara sports horse and looking very relaxed having had a saddle put on for the very first time.


Trained Grooms are always available to look after your horse and the premises are never unattended.

Proof of vaccination is required for all visiting horses and we ask owners to please ensure their horse is clean, free from infection and wormed BEFORE it is brought here.  There is no waiver from this requirement.  

We are proud to invite you to arrange to visit and see how well-behaved and well-schooled our own horses are

If you require advice regarding transportation we will be pleased to help plus see links page for recommendation.

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